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bower install tc-angular-chartj

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AngularJS directives for Chart.js

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Ensure you have installed Chart.js


npm install tc-angular-chartjs --save


Bower support has been dropped but you can still use tc-angular-chartjs with Bower using bower-npm-resolver.


You can download the source archive from the github releases page.

Just include dist/tc-angular-chartjs.js into your project.

Basic Usage

Add tc.chartjs to your modules dependencies e.g.

angular.module( 'app', ['tc.chartjs']);

You will then have access to the following directives: - tc-chartjs - tc-chartjs-line - tc-chartjs-bar - tc-chartjs-horizontalbar - tc-chartjs-radar - tc-chartjs-polararea - tc-chartjs-pie - tc-chartjs-doughnut - tc-chartjs-bubble

Just place one of these directives on a canvas element to create a Chart.js chart.

You will also want to give the chart some data, options and plugins. These can be provided via the chart-options, chart-data and chart-plugins attributes.

For data structures, options and inline plugins please refer to Chart.js documentation

You can also handle chart clicks via the chart-click attribute.

Example Pie Chart

$scope.myData = {
  // Chart.js data structure goes here
  // e.g. Pie Chart Data Structure
  labels: [
  datasets: [
      data: [300, 50, 100],
      backgroundColor: [
      hoverBackgroundColor: [

$scope.myOptions =  {
  // Chart.js options go here
  // e.g. Pie Chart Options

$scope.myPlugins = [{
  // Chart.js inline plugins go here
  // e.g.

$scope.onChartClick = function (event) {

For more examples please view the demo folder.

Using the tc-chartjs directive

When using the tc-chartjs directive you will need to add an additional attribute to say which type of chart should be created.

Just attach a chart-type="" attribute to the canvas element.


Available Types:

  • line
  • bar
  • horizontalbar
  • radar
  • polararea
  • pie
  • doughnut
  • bubble

Passing another value to chart-type than the above will try to create a chart of that type, which is useful if you have extended Chart.js with custom chart types, e.g. through plugins.


This library is built using gulp so ensure you have it installed.

To build the dist files run the following:

npm run build

To run the tests:

npm test

To watch files and rebuild dist when changes are made:

npm start


  • Open a Pull Request (PR)
  • Make sure your PR is on a new branch you created from the latest version of master branch
  • Please do not open a PR from your master branch
  • Open a PR even if your code is incomplete to start a discussion and to collect feedback
  • Please make sure all unit tests pass, and add new tests for any added features.


tc-angular-chartjs is dual licensed with the Apache-2.0 or MIT license.

See LICENSE-APACHE-2.0 and LICENSE-MIT for more details.


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