Smart Table | Angular-js Module for sorting, filtering, pagination in tables

Smart Table angular module

Smart Table

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Created by RENARD Laurent

bower install smart-table

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Smart table is a table module for angular js. It allows you to quickly compose your table in a declarative way including sorting, filtering, row selection pagination.

Its features are

  • lightweight: smart-table is less than 4kb minified and has no
    other than Angular itself. And you can even reduce its size with a custom
    if you are not interested in some of the plugins.
  • robust: smart-table is widely tested which makes the module really stable
  • modular and extensible: The core features can be accessed with the controller
    API which is created by the top level directive. Then
    a set of directives (plugins) allow you to compose you table behavior in a declarative way.
  • developer friendly: the design of the module has been thought carefully and it is really
    easy to get into the source code to modify/customise the module to best fit your needs.


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