ng-fx directive


ng-fx is an angular implementation of the popular Animate.css using the new $animateCss service in angular.

bower install ngFx

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ng-letter-avatar directive


ng-letter-avatar is an angular-js module for the letter avatar for the given string like gmail, first letter of the given data will be the avatar

bower install ngletteravatar

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AngularPrint module


angularPrint is an Angular module that allows users to selectively print elements, as well as provides optimizations for tables

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angular-recaptcha is an Angular-js module to add a Google-powered reCaptcha widget to your form to stop bots

bower install angular-recaptcha

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ngEasyImageCrop module


ngEasyImageCrop is an Angular Directive for Easy Server-Side Image Cropping. Handles both original image and scaled image dimensions.

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ngDropover directive


ngDropover is an Angular 1.x directive that is a feature-rich, event-driven solution for dropdowns, popovers, tooltips, or any other time you need a trigger or triggers to hide-show elements.

bower install ngdropover

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