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Created by Ophir Stern

bower install ng-walkthrough

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After not finding an Angular walkthrough/on-boarding/tour guide/learning page directive which was responsive, dynamic, easy to use and thus good for our Fitness Meal Planner mobile web App I decided to create one.

One of the most common design challenges emerging in mobile design is that of 'invitation' - creating an explanation walk through during user first interaction with the app so to engage him. Following Theresa Neil's design patterns from [Mobile Design Pattern Gallery] (

This angular directive implements a walkthrough via one of the following patterns: the transparency pattern or the tip pattern (an explanation about the different patterns can be found online at ux booth)

Special features

  • Use the transparency walkthrough either using transclude or given attributes which contain basics such as text, gesture image, 'got it' button
  • In transparency walkthrough easily highlight a DOM element (see demo)
  • Use any image you want or choose a gesture image from the given collection (such as swipe with direction or tap) and place it bound to the element mentioned above.
  • automatically moves text to bottom if item is covering the text with icon or arrow
  • In tip mode add an Icon to sit on top or behind the tip text box


Transparency walkthrough in Classic, Classic with arrow mode and Totally customizable mode respectively:

alt tag alt tag alt tag

Tip walkthrough mode:

alt tag


A demo was created to show: * The 2 basic transparency overlay types in 3 demoes fitting the screenshot examples - one basic template, one with arrows, and the last freestyle one using transclude. * The tip mode walkthrough Demo can be found here


  • AngularJS
  • No need for JQuery as JQLite is used


This directive has been originally developed for the Ionic Framework, so it supports both angular and ionic apps.


  • NPM: npm install ng-walkthrough
  • Bower: bower install ng-walkthrough


  • Load the script files in your application:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="wherever-you-put-it/ng-walkthrough.css">

<script type="text/javascript" src="wherever-you-put-it/ng-walkthrough.js"></script>

Add dependencies on the ng-walkthrough AngularJS module:

angular.module('myApp', ['ng-walkthrough']);

If you want to use the directives supplied tap icons add this script file:

<script type="text/javascript" src="wherever-you-put-it/ng-walkthrough.tap_icons.js"></script>

You can now use the directive, add the element to your HTML:

<walkthrough walkthrough-type="X">

and use one of the two configurations: 1> Place any HTML code as you like instead of the three dotes as this uses the Angular transclude ability. Make sure to specify walkthrough-type="transparency" or "tip" for this to work. 2> Use the additional optional properties the directive has to quickly create a walkthrough screen.

Usage Example 1 - transparency Non transclude option

            main-caption="This is some text"

Usage Example 2 - transparency using transclude option

<walkthrough is-active="isActive" walkthrough-type="transparency">
  <img src="images/ImageTutorialExample.png" style="height: 100vh; width: 100%;">

Usage Example 3 - tip type walkthrough

            main-caption="This is some text"

Directive Attributes

  • wid (optional) - The id to set to the walkthrough when open
  • is-active (mandatory) - Any walkthrough type. Bound element controls display the directive. Set 'true' to bound element in order to display.
  • walkthrough-type (mandatory) - Any walkthrough type. Specifies what type of walkthrough to display. Currently supported are 'transparency' and 'tip' types
  • focus-element-selector (optional) - Any walkthrough type. CSS selector of DOM element we want to give focus to, if value set to empty string "" all screen will be grayed out. Throws warning if multiple elements return as results and displays first as selected
  • is-round (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Set to 'true' if you want the focused area to be round, otherwise it will be square set to the size of the DOM element
  • has-backdrop (optional - Any walkthrough type. Set to 'true' if you want the walkthrough to have a darkened backdrop. default is true for 'transparency' type and false for 'tip' type
  • has-glow (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Set to 'true' if you want the focused area to have a glow around it
  • icon (optional) - Any walkthrough type. If set to any of the predefined values ("single_tap", "double_tap", "swipe_down", "swipe_left", "swipe_right", "swipe_up"), in such case the icon will be bound to focus element (if exists), make sure to add 'ng-walkthrough.tap_icons.js' following instructions above. any other icon can be used and will be loaded from supplied folder
  • main-caption (optional) - Any walkthrough type. This is the text that will be displayed in the walk-through. Text can be formatted
  • use-button (optional) - Any walkthrough type. set to 'true' you want a button displayed that most be clicked in order to close walkthrough, otherwise clicking anywhere while walkthrough displayed will close it
  • button-caption (optional) - Customize the text of the dismiss button if present, default is "Got it!".
  • walkthrough-hero-image (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Image to display in walkthrough rigth below caption text
  • icon-padding-left (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Add padding to the icon from the left in percentage
  • icon-padding-top (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Add padding to the icon from the top in pixels
  • tip-icon-location (optional) - For tip walkthrough. In case there is an overlap between the tip text box and the tip icon you can define here which is on top. Either "FRONT" or "BACK"
  • force-caption-location (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Set caption location at the top of screen or closer to bottom. Acceptable values: "TOP" or "BOTTOM"
  • tip-color (optional) - For tip walkthrough. Define the tip textbox background color. Currently supports "BLACK" or "WHITE" values
  • on-walkthrough-show (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Bind method to be called when walkthrough is displayed
  • on-walkthrough-hide (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Bind method to be called when walkthrough is hidden
  • on-walkthrough-content-clicked (optional) - Any walkthrough type. Bind method to be called when walkthrough context or hero image clicked


Ran on Chrome, Safari, Iphone 4 Emulator and Android S3, For continuous integration with Karma with Jasmine, run on Travis CI for FireFox


As AngularJS itself, this module is released under the permissive MIT license. Your contributions are always welcome.


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