ng-tasty | A lightweight, flexible, and tasty collection of reusable UI components for AngularJS, like grandma used to make.

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Created by Leonardo Zizzamia

bower install ng-tasty

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A lightweight, flexible, and tasty collection of reusable UI components for AngularJS, like grandma used to make.

Live demo visit

Quick start

Installing via Bower

bower install ng-tasty

or installing via NPM

npm install ng-tasty

Include the required bower component:

<script src="bower_components/ng-tasty/ng-tasty-tpls.min.js"></script>

Inject the ngTasty module into your app:

angular.module('myApp', ['ngTasty']);


For running the dev environment you just need install all the dependencies by npm, the node package manager.

npm install -g bower
npm install -g gulp
npm install -g http-server
npm install -g protractor
webdriver-manager update
npm install
bower install

Run dev environment, it's a watch script with several task running like jshint, html2js, build and unit test on the js build files.

gulp build

During development keep running all main gulp task by using the watch task.

gulp watch

Run demo app

We have pre-configured the demo with a simple development web server.
Here the Website Readme.

Unit Tests

The easiest way to run the unit tests is to use the supplied gulp script:

gulp test


The main docs you will find at , here the list of all components, service, filters supported.


  • Table :
  • Table server side :


  • WebSocket :
  • Debounce :
  • Throttle :


  • Filter Int :
  • Range :
  • Camelize :
  • Slugify :


Benchpress allows creation and sampling of macro benchmarks to compare performance of real world web applications.

npm install -g benchpress

Bower install all benchmark dependencies

cd benchmarks/dist/
bower install

Run ngTasty benchmark from base folder

bower install
protractor benchmarks/protractor.conf.js --specs benchmarks/dist/benchmark.spec.js

Open benchmark with Chrome

http-server -p 8000

Latest Benchmark v0.5.2


          gcAmount |   gcAmountInScript |             render |             script
------------------ | ------------------ | ------------------ | ------------------
            621.10 |             194.23 |              11.14 |               9.83


          gcAmount |   gcAmountInScript |             render |             script
------------------ | ------------------ | ------------------ | ------------------
            766.28 |               0.00 |              11.06 |              11.17


          gcAmount |   gcAmountInScript |             render |             script
------------------ | ------------------ | ------------------ | ------------------
          29557.73 |           41947.09 |              10.86 |             110.40

More about how I run this benchmark on my talk #ngTasty Building high performance measurable directives at ngconf


Who's using #ngTasty?


Designed and built by Leonardo Zizzamia, like grandma used to make.

Tasty Contributors: @proudlygeek, @wesww, @aganglada, @alexcasalboni, @bogdan-alexandrescu, @yagoferrer


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