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Created by Dmitry A. Efimenko

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Provides easy hooks for server side validation on AngularJs apps.

Set of directives to ease up displaying of the server side validation errors to the user.

Originally built to handle bad response from the ASP.NET MVC API assuming that the ModelState object was passed.

Though it can be adopted in any server side technology given that the bad validation response will return an object of the same structure as MVC's ModelState object.

In case server adds a ModelState error with a property name that does not have a corresponding input, the error will be placed under formName.$serverErrors.propertyName (see example below)


Reference module in your app

angular.module('app', ['server-validate']);

Supported Server Response Types:

ModelState * use directive server-validate on your form element * set error in your controller Action: ```C# ModelState.AddModelError("password", "invalid"); ModelState.AddModelError("password", "maxlength"); ModelState.AddModelError("email", "required");

response will look like this:
  message: "The request is invalid.",
  modelState: {
    password: ['invalid', 'maxlength'],
    email: ['required']

Microsoft.Owin * use directive server-validate="Microsoft.Owin" on your form element * set error in your ApplicationOAuthProvider: ```C# context.SetError("password", "invalid");

response will look like this:
{ error: 'password', error_description: 'invalid' }


ASP.NET MVC API Action Result: ```C# // 1-st parameter: the name of the input that is being invalidated // 2-nd parameter: the name of the error parameter to invalidate (note: not the error message!) ModelState.AddModelError("email", "wrongEmailFormat"); ModelState.AddModelError("general", "generalError"); // the 'general' property does not have a corresponding input return BadRequest(ModelState);

**index.js - inside Controller:** ```JavaScript $scope.submitMyForm = function() { $'/api/Email/Add', { email: $ }).then( function(response) { // no errors - do whatever you need to do }, function(error) { $scope.modelState =; } ); }


<form name="myForm" ng-submit="submitMyForm()" server-validate novalidate>
    <input type="text" name="email" ng-model="email" required>
    <div ng-messages for="$error" ng-show="$dirty">
        <div ng-message when="required">Email address is required</div>
        <div ng-message when="wrongEmailFormat">This email address is incorrect</div>
    <div ng-messages for="myForm.$serverErrors.general">
        <div ng-message when="generalError">Server is completely broke!</div>
    <button type="submit">Submit</button>


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