ng-readingtime | angular.js directive to get reading time of given text

ng-readingtime directive


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Created by Neri Barnini

bower install ng-readingtime

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Just an angular.js directive to get reading time of given text


bower install ng-readingtime

or download readingtime.js or dist/ng-readingtime.min.js. Include the readingtime.js script provided in bower_components and add ngReadingTime in your app's dependencies.


You can use as directive:

  Reading time: <span ng-reading-time text-to-read="text"></span>

or as service:

.directive('myCustomDirective', ['readingTime', function(readingTime) {
  return {
    // ... skipped code
    link: function() {
      scope.result = readingTime.get(text, {
        wordsPerMinute: 210,
        format: 'text_only'

This directive has also two customizable attributes: wordsPerMinute and format. The first represents the words that the user can reads in a minute (default is 210) and the second is the output format. At the moment ng-readingtime supports only 2 formats: * text_only: string like "readable in 5 minutes and 20 seconds" * value_only: object with minutes and seconds


  • Add internationalization to textual output
  • Add graphical output


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