ngGeolocator | Angular-js Module for HTML5 Geolocation API and Google Maps.



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Created by Deiwin Sarjas

bower install ng-geolocator

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Let the user tell you where they are with the aid of HTML5 Geolocation API and Google Maps.

A live demo:

This project used ChadKillingsworth/geolocation-marker as a starting point.


npm install --save ng-geolocator


bower install --save ng-geolocator

Getting started

See the demo folder for a useful example. The following has just the basics to get you started.

// Add ngGeolocator as a dependency to your module
var yourModule = angular.module('yourModule', ['ngGeolocator']);

// Optionally configure the service to use a Google Maps API Key.
yourModule.config(['ngGeolocatorProvider', function(ngGeolocatorProvider) {

// Asynchronously load the Google Maps API (into an object with the
// specified map-canvas id) and ask the user's bowser to share the
// user's location. If both of those things have been approved
// and have happened, the promise will be resolved with a Locator object.
var locator;
ngGeolocator.create('map-canvas').then(function(_locator_) {
    // Let's just store the locator for now
    locator = _locator_;
}, function(message) {
    // Something went wrong

// Now, when the user notifies you (possibly via a confirmation button,
// as done in the demo) that they have specified their location by
// dragging the marker to where they think they are, you can call the
// following to get their location's coordinates:
var location = locator.getLocation();
doSomethingWith(, location.lng);

Getting fancy

Say you don't like the color I've chosen to use for the accuracy indicator circle. Here's an easy way to customize it to your liking:

yourModule.config(['ngGeolocatorProvider', function(ngGeolocatorProvider) {
        fillColor: 'cc99ff', // Mauve

Custom icons and everything are also possible, but are left as an excercise to the reader. Please see the docs or the code itself for any questions.


ngGeolocator : object

Kind: global namespace


Kind: static class of ngGeolocator

new Locator(marker)

markergoogle.maps.MarkerThe marker on the map that indicates the user's location

locator.getLocation() ⇒ LatLng

Kind: instance method of Locator
Returns: LatLng - The current user's selected position.


Kind: static class of ngGeolocator

locatorService.create(canvasID) ⇒ Promise.<Locator>

create will initialize google maps, if it isn't already initialized, and will then draw a map on the specified canvasID. Once the user has accepted to share their location, the map will be centered to that location and a marker will be displayed that the user can move to confirm/specify their actual location. This marker will then be used to create a new Locator object which will then be used to resolve the returned promise.

Kind: instance method of LocatorService

canvasIDstringThe elemt ID of the canvas to load the map onto.


Kind: static class of ngGeolocator


Configure the service to use the specified Google Maps API Key.

Kind: instance method of LocatorServiceProvider



The google.maps.MapOptions used to initialize the map will be extended using the provided function or object. If the extender is an object it will simply be used to extend (using angular.extend) the options object used to initialize the map. If, instead, the extender is a function, it will be called with the API (google.maps) once Google Maps is loaded. An object used to extend MapOptions is expected as the return value of the function.

Kind: instance method of LocatorServiceProvider

extenderObject | function

Using an object

  zoom: 15,

Using a function

ngGeolocatorProvider.extendMapOptions(function(maps) {
  return {
    center: maps.LatLng(10, 20),


Extends the google.maps.MarkerOptions for the static marker.

Kind: instance method of LocatorServiceProvider
See: extendMapOptions for more info and examples


Extends the google.maps.CircleOptions for the static circle.

Kind: instance method of LocatorServiceProvider
See: extendMapOptions for more info and examples


Extends the google.maps.MarkerOptions for the locator marker.

Kind: instance method of LocatorServiceProvider
See: extendMapOptions for more info and examples

ngGeolocator.LatLng : Object

Kind: static typedef of ngGeolocator

latnumberThe latitude.
lngnumberThe longitude.

Demo !

Clone this repo, run npm install and then start the demo server with grunt demo and go to http://localhost:8000.


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