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bower install lazy-scroll

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lazy-scroll Angularjs plugin for infinate scrolling

How to use lazy-scroll in simple 4 steps

Download above script (lazy-scroll.min.js) you can download the minified version   or you can use the cdn and follow simple 3 steps

Step 1 :

Add script at bottom of page after angularjs

<script src="path-to-script/lazy-scroll.min.js"></script>

Step 2:

Ensure that your application module specifies lazy-scroll as a dependency.

var app = angular.module("yourModule",['lazy-scroll']);

Step 3:

Use the directive by specifying an lazy-scroll attribute on an element.

<div lazy-scroll="paginationFuntion()" lazy-scroll-trigger="80" >

Thats it . For more details check demo and API documentation here in my blog | lazy-scroll


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