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bower install angular-keepr

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A simple list of Angular components

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This project is a module with a list of services, directives and filters for begin your application with idea of simplify your bootstrap with Angular.

3rd party libraries dependencies

If you use CryptoOfflineStorageService, you can use CryptoJS file ( If this library don't exists in DOM, this module works without crypt function


1 - Via bower

$ bower install angular-keepr

2 - Clone this repository and access the generated folder

$ git clone git:// [project-name]
$ cd [project-name]

Once you have keepr in your project, just include 'keepr' as a dependency in your Angular application and you’re good to go. It's works!

    angular.module('myModule', ['keepr'])


  • AlertService: Provide a Alert service for application
  • CryptoLocalStorageService: Provide a service for Crypt/Decrypt localStorage data in application
  • NotifyService: Provide a HTML5 Nitification service for intercept application messages
  • HttpModel: Provide a simple $http model
  • OfflineModel: Provide a model offline operations; Removed for
  • Speech: Provide a HTML5 Speech service in application

Services example:


  • camelCase: Provide camelcase filter for application
  • capitalize: Provide capitalize filter for application
  • charactersQuantity: Returns string filtered based in characters quantity + suffix
  • conditional: Returns string conditional based in params passed for application
  • encodeUri: Returns string encoded based in URI params
  • inflector: Returns string filtered based in URI params
  • list: Returns string list + string separator based in string value
  • max: Returns maximum value based in string value
  • min: Returns minimum value based in string value
  • snakeCase: Returns string in snakeCase format based in param
  • trim: Returns string without spaces based in param
  • uncapitalize: Returns string with first character in lower case
  • unique: Filter array and returns unique values in array
  • validateEmail: Filter used for Email valid verificattion
  • wordsQuantity: Filter string for returns string with words quantitu specified

Filters example:


  • kpFlipContent: Add flip content for images in application
  • kpMask: Add masks in input fields based in mask string
  • kpPrintContent: Print html content based in configuration params
  • kpLazyScroll: Add scroll spy in document for load images
  • kpImageLazyLoad: Add lazy load for images in application

Directives example:


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New features comming soon.


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