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bower install iso-currency

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AngularJS filter that retrieves currency symbols according to ISO 4217 currency codes.


  • npm install iso-currency
  • or bower install iso-currency
  • add 'isoCurrency' to your angular.module dependency, usually in app.js



Use to display a value with a currency symbol

Instead of directly using the currency symbol, you only need the 3 char long currency code (e.g. USD or JPY). It will take the right symbol, format and fraction size. The latter can be overridden by providing an explicity fraction size value after the currency field (see below).

// in controller
$scope.amount = 50.50;
$scope.currency = 'USD';

// in template
{{ amount | isoCurrency:currency }} // $50.50
{{ amount | isoCurrency:currency:0 }} // $50

Use to display a currency symbol based on a currency code

If you need the currency symbol only, you can just additionally add isoCurrency.common in your app.js, and then you can use iso4217.getCurrencyByCode() method directly.

currency = iso4217.getCurrencyByCode('EUR')
currency == {text: "Euro", fraction: 2, symbol: "€"}

This will return an object so that you just specify currency.symbol to access the symbol value.

Contribute and test

  • gulp watch and get started
  • gulp && testem ci to start the tests

 Currency reference

Mainly taken from the list of If something is missing, feel free to create a PR.


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