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Created by Fabian Raetz

bower install angularjs-imageupload-directive

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Demo AngularJS imageupload Directive


imageupload Directive for AngularJS

heavly inspired from


Single image

<input type="file" accept="image/*" image="image"/>
<img ng-show="image" ng-src="{{image.url}}" type="{{image.file.type}}" />

The image object has the following properties:

  • file
  • url
  • dataURL

Single image with resizing

<input type="file" accept="image/*" image="image2"
    resize-quality="0.7" />
Original <img ng-show="image2" ng-src="{{image2.url}}" type="{{image2.file.type}}" />
Resized <img ng-show="image2" ng-src="{{image2.resized.dataURL}}" />

The image object has the following properties:

  • file
  • url
  • dataURL
  • resized
    • dataURL
    • type

Multiple images with resizing

<input type="file" accept="image/*" multiple
    resize-quality="0.7" />
Originals <img ng-repeat="img in images" ng-src="{{img.url}}" type="{{img.file.type}}" />
Resized <img ng-repeat="img in images" ng-src="{{img.resized.dataURL}}" />

When used with multiple the image object is always an array of objects with the following properties:

  • file
  • url
  • dataURL
  • resized
    • dataURL
    • type

See demo.html for more concrete examples.

Optional Parameter:

  • resize-quality (default is 0.7)
  • resize-type (default is 'image/jpg')
  • resize-max-height (default is 300)
  • resize-max-width (default is 250)


  • Upload Image with FileReader
  • Resize Image via canvas
  • Send Image Data URL (base64) to whatever you want.

How to run the Demo?

git clone
cd angularjs-imageupload-directive
npm install

node app.js
open http://localhost:8080

Depends on

  • angular-1.1.4

Tested in following browsers:

Testimage: 4320x3240 4.22 MB, Resized (70% jpg): 320x270

  • Chrome 24 (Windows 8), Size: 9.3 KB
  • Chrome Canary 27 (Windows 8), Size: 9.3 KB
  • Firefox 18 (Windows 8), Size: 23.5 KB
  • Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8), Size: 9.06 KB

Known Issues

  • filesize can vary from Browser to Browser.


  • Use NgModelController instead of image attribute
  • Create bower compatible repository (component.json, tags, etc.)
  • Match angular-component-spec when it becomes available
  • Clear image property when Form has been reset
  • Create Unit Tests


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