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Image-Crop directive


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Created by Andy Shora

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Angular Image Crop

I'm attempting to make a self-contained AngularJS Directive which will allow you to crop an image before it's uploaded to the server.


  • Touch support, swipe to move and drag handle to zoom - see known issues
  • Add any image file from your device/machine
  • Output as a base64-encoded data uri
  • Uses HTML5 Canvas to display image in a flexible context, to allow dragging and zooming.
  • Note that regardless of the shape of the cropping guideline, resulting images will be square. For example, using the 'circle' shape parameter will show a circular guide, but the resulting images will have to be masked when rendering to the user.

Browser Support

  • IE10+, Android 3+, iOS 6+, basically all modern browsers!


  1. Add the dependency : angular.module('myApp',['ImageCropper'])
  2. Include the stylesheet
  3. Initiatlise the directive see standalone JSBin for example code.


  • width (string) - the width of the cropper
  • height (string) - the height of the cropper
  • padding (integer) - space, in pixels, rounding the shape
  • max-size (integer) - max size of the image, in pixels
  • shape (string) - the cropping guideline shape (circle/square)
  • step (bound integer) - the variable which dictates which step the user will see (used for resetting purposes)
  • src (bound Blob or base64 string) - scope variable that will be the source image for the crop
  • result (bound string) - the variable which will have the resulting data uri bound to it
  • result-blob (bound Blob) - the variable which will have the resulting data as a Blob object
  • crop (bound boolean) - scope variable that must be set to true when the image is ready to be cropped

Example markup


See a standalone working example

Working example on JSBin

Step 1. Choose image, drag to move and drag corner handle to zoom

Choose image

Step 2. Produces a result as a base64-encoded data uri

Choose image


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