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bower install angular-google-maps

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AngularJS directives to integrate Google-Maps into your applications using the javascript API.
There are directives for most of the widely-used Google Maps objects, including markers, windows, lines and shapes.

The google-map directive is the core of all other directives. It is used to instantiate a Google Map object in your page. Every other directive must be contained within a google-map for them to work.

The layer directive is used to draw different types of layers on the map. This has replaced the trafficlayer directive.

The marker directive is used to add a google.maps.Marker object to an existing map.

The markers directive is similar to the marker diective above, but is used when a lot of markers need to be added to a map. It overcomes the high overhead of using the marker directive together with ng-repeat.

Example Code :

<google-map center="" zoom="map.zoom"></google-map>


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