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Created by Mark Chapman

bower install forms-angular

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forms-angular is a simple framework build on top of the MEAN stack (with a little Twitter Bootstrap and Mongoose thrown in for good measure) that enables you to generate forms super quickly. At its simplest it takes a mongoose schema and generates a form, complete with REST routing and bindings.

Quick start
You can have your first forms-angular application running in a few minutes using the Yeoman generator. Once the generator is installed yo fng is all it takes to get you up and running.

Forms-angular is easy to extend, using regular Angular JS controllers that allow you to hook into navigation elements, data events and much more. It also comes with a number of plugins that extend the base functionality, adding reporting, full featured editors and much much more.

Select2 (fng-select2)
This plugin enables the use of the Select2 component. As well as being better looking than the default

Date Picker (fng-ui-date)
This plugin enables the use of the jQuery-UI date picker.

Editor (fng-ckeditor)
This plugin enables the use of the CK editor.

With the reporting plugin installed, simple reports can be produced by navigating to URLs of the format /#/analyse/modelname

If you want to add some bells and whistles to your sites you can extend forms-angular by using the plugins. These generally depend on other libraries by
npm install fng-{plugin-name}

Example Code

<div ng-init="example2=[
        {name:'surname',label:'Family Name',required:true},
    <form-input schema="example2" />


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