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Fcsa-number directive


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Created by Farm Credit Services of America

bower install angular-fcsa-number

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FCSA Number

An Angular directive that validates numbers and adds commas for the thousands separator.

So when the user enters 1000 into a textbox and tabs out, the value will be formatted to include the thousands separator and display: 1,000

If an invalid number is entered, the textbox will be invalid with the fcsaNumber error.


With Bower

bower install angular-fcsa-number

Then reference angular-fcsa-number/src/fcsaNumber.js in your project.


Copy src/fcsaNumber.js into your project and reference it.

Quick Start

Add the fcsa-number module as a dependency to you Angular app.

angular.module('yourApp', ['fcsa-number']);

Add the fcsa-number attribute to textboxes you want to have validated and formatted with thousands separators.

<input type='text' ng-model='company.employeeCount' fcsa-number />

When an invalid number is entered by the user, the form and control will become invalid and the 'fcsa-number-invalid' class will be added to the text box.


Without any options passed to it, fcsa-number will validate that the input is a valid number and will also add commas for the thousand separators.


Validates the number is not above the max number.

fcsa-number="{ max: 100 }"
  • Valid: 100
  • Invalid: 101


Validates the number is not below the min number.

fcsa-number="{ min: -5 }"
  • Valid: -5
  • Invalid: -6


Validates the number does not have more than the specified number of decimals.

fcsa-number="{ maxDecimals: 2 }"
  • Valid: 1.23
  • Invalid: 1.234


Validates the number does not have more than the specified number of digits.

fcsa-number="{ maxDigits: 2 }"
  • Valid: 76
  • Invalid: 123


By default users are allowed to enter invalid characters, and then the textbox is marked invalid. If you want to prevent users from entering invalid characters altogether, then use the preventInvalidInput option. If the user presses the 'a' key, the directive will catch it and prevent 'a' from being shown in the textbox.

fcsa-number="{ preventInvalidInput: true }"


Prepends the specified text before the number.

fcsa-number="{ prepend: '$' }"


Appends the specified text after the number.

fcsa-number="{ append: '%' }"

Default Options

It's possible to set the options globally too. You do this by calling fcsaNumberConfigProvider.setDefaultOptions() inside a config function in your app.

Here's a code example that sets the default options:

var app = angular.module('yourApp', ['fcsa-number']);
app.config(['fcsaNumberConfigProvider', function(fcsaNumberConfigProvider) {
    max: 100,
    min: 0

The default options can be overridden locally by passing in an options object: fcsa-number="{ max: 10 }"


Grunt is used to compile the CoffeeScript files and run the tests. To get started run the following commands on the command line:

// installs the required node modules
npm install

// installs the required bower components
bower install

Run the following command to automatically compile and run the unit and end to end tests whenever you make a change to a file.

grunt karma:unit:start express:dev watch

To just run the protractor tests, you can run the following command.

grunt express:dev e2e


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