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Created by Nicolas Labrot

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AngularJS Drag and Drop module. The dragged element is rendered with a dedicated and customizable AngularJS template. This controller and the associated view is fully customizable. There is no DOM manipulation (detach, clone...), nor external dependency (like JQuery) only full customizable AngularJS.

This modules contains - 2 directives: drag and drop - 1 service: dragAndDrop - 2 controllers: DragAndDropController and DragAndDropItemController

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drag directive


drag enable drag support on an element

drop-callback callback called after drop occurs. Especialy uselfull to do post drop action (eg. delete dragged element). Evaluated as an expression. If the expression evalutes as a function, it will be called with dragModel as argument

drag-include template included for rendering the dragged element. Evaluated as an expression.

drag-model model transfered from drag element to drop element. This module does not clone the data. It is the reponsability of user to clone data. Evaluated as an expression.


<li ng-repeat="book in books" drag drop-callback="endDrag($index)" drag-include="'dragItemTemplate'" drag-model="book">

Example of drag item include:

<script type="text/ng-template" id="dragItemTemplate">
    <div style="box-shadow: 5px 5px 10px 0px #656565; ">
        <img src="{{data.url}}"/>
        <div style="position: absolute;top:0px;left: 0px;background: rgba(255,255,255,0.8);width: 100%">

drop directive


drop enable drop support on an element

drop-callback callback called then drop occurs. Evaluated as an expression. If the expression evalutes as a function, it will be called with dragModel as argument

drop-mouse-enter callback called when mouse enter the drop zone

drop-mouse-leave callback called when mouse leave the drop zone

drop-mouse-move callback called when mouse move inside the drop zone


<section drop drop-callback="endDrop">

dragAndDrop Service

This service stores transfered data. Why a map? I have planned to add support for multi touch.



Controllers handles dragged item rendering.

A ngRepeat is only usefull for multi touch purpose.

Controllers must be added just before the end </body> element


<div ng-controller="DragAndDropController">
    <div ng-repeat='(key, value) in items' ng-controller="DragAndDropItemController" ng-init="init(value.data)"
        <div style="width: 100%" ng-include src="value.include">


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