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Created by Siddique Hameed

bower install angular-timer

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Angular-Timer : A simple AngularJS directive demonstrating re-usability & interoperability.

Code for timer clock setting for the days, hours, minutes & seconds elapsed since January 1, 2013 (GMT-6)

<timer start-time="1357020000000">{{days}} days, {{hours}} hours, {{minutes}} minutes, {{seconds}} seconds.</timer>

Code for countdown timer setting for the days, hours, minutes & seconds to January 1, 2015 (GMT-6) :

<timer end-time="1420070400000">{{days}} days, {{hours}} hours, {{minutes}} minutes, {{seconds}} seconds.</timer>

Timer directive along with Twitter Bootstrap’s Progressbar will set the timer on Progressbar control.

<timer interval="1000"><div class="progress progress-striped active"> <div class="bar" style="width: {{seconds}}%;"></div> </div></timer>


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