Angular Directive to show a progress bar with a reading time estimate.



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Created by Dominic Rico-Gomez

bower install angular-reading-indicator

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AngularJS directive which shows a progress bar with the current reading progress of a given article or the whole website with a reading time estimate.

Copyright (C) 2015 - 2016, Dominic Rico-Gomez

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You can choose your preferred method of installation: * Through bower: bower install angular-reading-indicator --save * Through npm: npm install angular-reading-indicator --save * From a CDN: jsDelivr * Download from github: angular-reading-indicator


Include both ng-reading-indicator.min.js and ng-reading-indicator.min.css in your application.

<script src="components/angular-reading-indicator/ng-reading-indicator.min.js"></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="components/angular-reading-indicator/ng-reading-indicator.min.css">

Add the module ngReadingIndicator as a dependency to your app module:

var myapp = angular.module('myapp', ['ngReadingIndicator']);


Set your prefered options to customize the look of the progress bar and reading estimate. Available/Default options:

options = {
calcFrom: 'middle', // "top", "bottom", "middle" - From where of the viewport should we calc the process of reading defaults to "middle"
  showHeadline: true, // Show headline in the progress bar (only works if expand is true or type is "big")
  expand: true, // Show small bar and expand to big after passing the headline
  type: 'small', // Type of bar if expand is "false" available options are "small" or "big"
  topOffset: 150, // Offset relative to first headline to expand the progress bar
  readingTime: {
    enable: true, // Show the estimate reading time
    prefix: 'estimate ca. ', // Prefix of estimate
    minutesSuffix: 'min', // suffix for remaining minutes
    secondsSuffix: 'sec', // suffix for remaining seconds
    speed: 150, // Reading speed in words per minute
    seconds: true, // show remaining seconds else shows just 0min
    secondInterval: 5 // steps of remaining seconds
<ng-reading-indicator indicator-options="options"></ng-reading-indicator>

ngReadingIndicator directive

Use ng-reading-indicator directive to display the reading progress on top of the window:

<ng-reading-indicator indicator-headline="myHeadline" indicator-element=".myArticle" indicator-options="options"></ng-reading-indicator>

If you want to display a different text then the headline use the "indicator-headline"-attribute.

 $scope.myHeadline = 'Lorem Ipsum';
<ng-reading-indicator indicator-headline="myHeadline"></ng-reading-indicator>

This directive can wait for a scope to load before initializing! Just put in the scope to wait for change and then everything gets build.

<ng-reading-indicator ndicator-lazy="text"></ng-reading-indicator>

If you want to use the progress bar just for one special element use the indicator-element-attribute and insert the classname (only the first element with class will be used, will be extendet to id in future release)

<ng-reading-indicator indicator-element=".myArticle"></ng-reading-indicator>

You are also able to create your own template and use it via indicator-template-url. If you want to display the headline just add a {{ headline }} in your template. Do you want to display the reading time estimate then add {{ readingTime }} inside your template. And last but not least we need an element with the class "ng-reading-indicator-progress" as progress bar.

<ng-reading-indicator indicator-template-url="foo.html"></ng-reading-indicator>


Released under the terms of the MIT License.


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