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angular-plasmid directive


Created by Vixis

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Angular=Plasmid is a DNA plasmid visualization with a set of Angular directives to allow for a declarative way to contruct a plasmid graph.

Rather than coding client-side Javascript or other server-side programming languages, AngularPlasmid provides easy-to-use HTML markup, making plasmid generation as easy as creating a web page. In fact, you don’t really neeed to know anything about AngularJS or Javascript to use the components.

Example Code :-

<plasmid sequencelength='1000'>
<plasmidtrack radius='50'>
<tracklabel text='Demo'></tracklabel>
<trackscale interval='100' showlabels='1'></trackscale>
<trackmarker start='212' end='345'></trackmarker>
<trackmarker start='530' end='650'>
<markerlabel text='Ecol'></markerlabel>
<trackmarker start='677' end='820'></trackmarker>


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