angular-gettext | Translate your Angular.JS applications with gettext.

angular-gettext directive


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Created by Ruben Vermeersch

bower install angular-gettext

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Effortless translations
Angular-gettext let’s you focus on developing your application. Just write everything in English and annotate which parts should be translated. The tools do the rest.

Marking a string as translatable is as simple as adding an attribute:

<a href="/" translate>Home</a>

Seamless Angular.JS integration
Translating your application doesn’t mean you have to give up any of the good stuff that Angular.JS provides. Interpolation and everything else we love and are used to just keep on working:

<a href="/" translate>Hello {{name}}</a>

Correct plurals in all languages

Not every language works like English. Did you know that Polish uses three plural forms? Or that Irish uses five? No worries, angular-gettext handles all of this for you. Just provide a plural string where needed.

<span translate translate-n="msgCount" translate-plural="{{$count}} new messages">1 new message</span>


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