ngCroppie | An Angular module for the awesome Croppie.js!

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Created by Allen Royston

bower install ngCroppie

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ngCroppie - Angular Croppie Tool

What Am I?!

An awesome image cropping and rotating module for AngularJS based on Croppie.js
Pure Javascript implementation; Also responsive!

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NPM: npm install ng-croppie

Bower: bower install ngCroppie

Download: ng-croppie.js and ng-croppie.css

Ensure you link it correctly in your HTML

<script src="path/to/ng-croppie.min.js"></script>
<link rel='stylesheet' type="text/css" href="path/to/ng-croppie.min.css"></link>

And add it as a module for your app:

var app = angular.module('myApp', ['ngCroppie']);

Nothing is required in the controller. For sake of clarity, these are the variables you'll see in the demo.

    app.controller('basicController', ['$scope', function($scope) {

            $scope.inputImage = null;
            $scope.outputImage = null;
            $scope.onUpdate = function(data) {

Now, just add it to your HTML.

<!-- Bare minimum -->
<ng-croppie   src="inputImage"

<!-- With options -->
<ng-croppie   src="inputImage"
              boundry="{w: 400, h: 400}"
              viewport="{w: 300, h: 300}"
              rotation="90"  <!-- rotatation to 90 degrees -->

<!-- Preview -->
<img  ng-src="{{outputImage}}" />


src: [path/to/image.js] OR base64. 
ng-model: The image output. Returns are a base64. 
update: [function] place a functon in the controller to run whenever changes are made to the image. 
boundry: [object] {w: __, h: __}. This will create the size of the container that will host the Croppie tool. Not required, but will default to 300x300. 
viewport: [object] {w: __, h: __}. This will create your output size. Must be smaller than the boundry or it will equal it. Defaults to 200x200. 
zoom: [Boolean] Set to true by default, which shows the zoom slider. Not required; defaults to true.
mousezoom: [Boolean] Enables to use the mouse scroll bar to zoom in/out. Works with 'zoom' true; defaults to true.
zoomslider: [Boolean] Hide or Show the zoom slider only (scrolling and pinching zoom still possible if set to false). Works with 'zoom' true; defaults to true.
exif: [Boolean] with exif orientation compatability. Not required; defaults to undefined.
orientation: [Boolean] Support for specifying a custom orientation when binding images. Not required; defaults to false.
rotation: [Integer] Rotate the image by a specified degree amount. Only works with 'orientation' true. Not required; Valid values: 90, 180, 270, -90, -180, -270
type: [String] Can either be "circle" or "square". Not required; defaults to "square". 




  • orif-jr
  • stasinua
  • htao00
  • alanheppenstall


  • added Croppie.js as library dependencies
  • modularized the code structure
  • reorganized files location
  • code refactoring


  • Angular 1.4+
  • Croppie.js


MIT - go nuts y'all.


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