angular-swing | AngularJS directive for swipe-left/swipe-right.

angular-swing directive


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Created by Gajus Kuizinas

bower install angular-swing

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AngularJS directive for Swing: A swipeable cards interface. The swipe-left/swipe-right for yes/no input. As seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder, and many others.

Give it a swing! and please tweet it if you like it. : )

Card stack example.


Include ./dist/angular-swing.js..

Load gajus.swing module, e.g.

angular.module('your-module', ['gajus.swing']);

Loading gajus.swing module will make available the swing-stack and swing-card directives.

Prepare a Swing stack:

<ul swing-stack></ul>

Add a Card to the Swing stack:

<ul swing-stack>
    <li swing-card></li>

Attach event listeners to the instance of Card:

<ul swing-stack>
        swing-on-throwout="console.log(eventName, eventObject)"
        swing-on-throwoutleft="console.log(eventName, eventObject)"
        swing-on-throwoutright="console.log(eventName, eventObject)"
        swing-on-throwin="console.log(eventName, eventObject)"
        swing-on-dragstart="console.log(eventName, eventObject)"
        swing-on-dragmove="console.log(eventName, eventObject)"
        swing-on-dragend="console.log(eventName, eventObject)"

Use scope variable to change Swing Stack default options:

$scope.options = {
    throwOutConfidence: function (offset, element) {
        console.log('throwOutConfidence', offset, element.offsetWidth);
        return Math.min(Math.abs(offset) / element.offsetWidth, 1);
    isThrowOut: function (offset, element, throwOutConfidence) {
        console.log('isThrowOut', offset, element.offsetWidth, throwOutConfidence);
        return throwOutConfidence === 1;
<ul swing-stack swing-options="options">...</ul>

Use scope variables/methods to add/remove cards:

<ul swing-stack>
        ng-repeat="card in cards"
$ = [
    {name: 'foo'},
    {name: 'bar'}
$scope.remove = function (index) {
    $, 1);
$scope.add = function (name) {
    ${name: name});


There are more examples that using the standalone Swing.

The code for all of the examples is in the ./examples/ folder.

Raise an issue if you are missing an example.


Swing Documentation for the Events.

Swing events translate to the following attributes in the AngularJS directive:

Name Description
throwout swing-on-throwout
throwoutleft swing-on-throwoutleft
throwoutright swing-on-throwoutright
throwin swing-on-throwin
dragstart swing-on-dragstart
dragmove swing-on-dragmove
dragend swing-on-dragend

Event listener expression can use eventName and eventObject parameters.

Event Object

Swing Documentation for the Event Object.


Using Bower:

bower install angular-swing

Using NPM:

npm install angular-swing


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