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Created by Niall Crosby

bower install ag-grid

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"ag" stands for AGnostic

Install with Bower

$ bower install ag-grid

Install with Npm

$ npm install ag-grid

See for overview and documentation.

Frameworks Supported

Framework specific Getting Started guides:

Angular 1 | Angular 2 | Aurelia | Javascript | React | TypeScript | VueJS | Web Components


To build: - npm install - npm install gulp -g - bower install - gulp or gulp release

Default gulp task is for development. It includes source maps, does not include minification, and starts a watch.

'release' gulp task does minification and no source maps. This is for releasing.

Folder Structure

The new build has the following structure: - \src -> contains source files (TypeScript and CSS), don't touch these! - \dist -> contains distribution files - \dist\ag-grid.js and \dist\ag-grid.min.js -> use these if not using a package manager and put ag-Grid on the global scope. The new JavaScript distribution files contain the CSS for the grid, no need to reference separately. - \dist\styles -> contains CSS files, used if doing your own bundling. - \dist\lib -> contains compiles JavaScript files in CommonJS format. - \main.js -> CommonJS root file, reference this file if importing project via CommonJS. - \main.d.ts -> CommonJS root definition file.

Asking Questions

Please do not use GitHub issues to ask questions. Ask questions on the website forum.


ag-Grid is not looking for contributors. It is not intended to be developed by an online community. However suggestion on change and raising bugs are appreciated.

If you are doing a Pull Request: - Make your code changes in src/ files only, don't update dist files - Discard all changes to dist/ - Create Pull Request

For large changes: - Make your doc changes in project ag-grid-docs, a feature is not complete unless it's documented! - Do manual end to end testing off all examples in documentation

PR's on new features are not generally accepted.

PR's on small bug fixes are generally accepted.

If a PR for a large request is submitted, the typical action is the author will take influence from the code to implement the feature, either in ag-grid or ag-grid-enterprise.

It has got the following features:-

  • Using the default look and feel, get a feature rich grid with minimal coding.
    Filtering and sorting work lightning fast despite 10,000 rows.
    ‘Excel like’ filtering (Name & Country columns) or customised filtering (Skills & Proficiency columns).
  • Give a professional style for grids that will end up as presentations.
  • No scrolls works well for presentations and printing.
  • Cell renderers and grid themes allow customised behaviours and look and feels.
  • Create complex widgets, beyond what’s expected of HTML tables.


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