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AngularJS Charts Plugin

Simple and effective AngularJS charts plugin for FusionCharts.


Use this AngularJS charts plugin to add interactive charts to your web and mobile applications using just a single directive. Choose from 90+ charts & 900+ maps from FusionCharts' core JavaScript charts library.

You can access all the rich charting features like events, annotations, macros, themes, image-export etc. to make your visualizations stand-out.


To learn what you can do using this Angular charts plugin, explore some live demos.


Following tutorials will help you get started:


To dive deeper, please view the official documentation.


  • Add a chart using just a single directive.
  • Auto-updates your chart object on modifying scope.
  • Angular-friendly events let you call controller functions directly from the chart.
  • Offers advanced control by giving you access to full FusionCharts object.
  • Has variety of ways to add a chart, from JSON URL to Scope Array Binding.
  • Plenty of examples and good documentation.


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